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Hosanna is an ever-evolving human based in Brooklyn with roots throughout the globe. She uses the healing energy of Reiki, the power of Story and out-in-the-world transformational experiences to help individuals and communities connect, heal and grow.

It was her belief in the expansive nature of travel that led her to create The Open Series - originally a documentary film series that gave individuals in transitional moments in life the chance to travel anywhere in the world. While journeying through Spain and Portugal she broke a bone in her left foot that a doctor said would likely never mend. While seeking alternative ways to heal, she was led to reiki and awakened to how she’d been pushing through pain in many areas of life. She began to tune into herself - physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Today her foot is 100% healed and Open has evolved into a platform that offers the experiences and tools that have made an impact on her healing journey and her life.

Hosanna offers private sessions and workshops at spaces and workplaces throughout NYC and beyond. Visit her site to learn more about her offerings, and find her on Instagram @theopenseries.

Live from

Brooklyn, NY