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She finds herself rooted in a space between the esoteric and the pragmatic. As a bi-racial woman and a survivor of childhood trauma and C-PTSD, Cameron understands the ways in which trauma can affect us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Her personal process of healing allows her to bring compassion and love to her practice. Cameron’s readings remind us that our power exists in the present moment. We are given the opportunity to reconsider old beliefs and approach life’s uncertainties with an inner resolve. In working with the energies of the cards, we increase our capacity to receive the messages our soul’s are awaiting. Tarot has a beautiful way of clarifying our perceptions to make way for a deeper truth. Trauma can cause us to forget who we are. Tarot helps us to remember. Cameron is honored to share her offerings to those who feel aligned.

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Brooklyn, NY


Reiki | Tarot