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Tap In :: A Live Group Meditation App

Sit daily at 3pm ET


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Ten minute guided group meditation. Monday through Friday, at 3pmET

Our goal is to help you live a more joyous life. To accomplish this, we’ll use a daily meditation to teach you how to ‘check in’ with yourself. We’ll explore how to be aware of and present with your current state. We’ll explore what it means to continuously come back to center. Sound overwhelming? Abstract? Don’t worry. We’ll help you.

Everyone is welcome: those new to meditation and those experienced. Our teachers come from a variety of meditation traditions, and with anchoring themes each month, we’ll practice a spectrum of evidence-based meditations to more imagination-based meditations.

Give it a try. From your desk. At your Home. At a coffee shop. On a walk. Studies have found that group meditations can reduce stress, conflict, and even acts of war. Know this: we can accomplish more—and are better—together.

Tap in with us. Available in the App Store on February 5th, the lunar new year.